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  is aiming high by proposing to create a short-form aerial photography documentary about water usage in the American Southwest. Starting high above the stunning landscape of the Colorado River and Lake Mead region, this documentary follows the many places and people that depend on this vital resource to sustain an ever-growing population.

 The IVR Lab’s 360 team will capture the stunning landscape of the American Southwest by flying a state-of-the-art aerial drone equipped with a 360 camera capable of shooting stereo 8K footage. In order to do this, those on the team will obtain their pilot licenses to fly aerial drones over public and private lands, and master 360 camera shooting and post production. In addition to the Colorado River and Lake Mead areas, the documentary will require shooting over the mudflats, Phoenix, and rural farmlands to capture the story of water usage in Arizona.

 This project is made possible by the Hearst foundation grant that will fund Lab projects for the next two years. With continued grant funding and support, the IVR Lab is developing 360 video projects, educational technology tools, and interactive VR applications.


Norman J Medoff

Executive Producer

Peter Friederici

Script Consultant

Daniel Bannick

Script Writer

Ellie Broadman

Science Writer

Trevor Ritland

Science Writer

Victor Leshyk


Giovanni Castillo

Executive Producer

Eric Lynch


Joshua Favela


Colin Giles 

Cinematographer/Drone Pilot

Miles Devaro 

Audio Engineer

Garrett Bowers 


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